Lula-Wales-Short-10329  Lula-Wales-Short-10329
 Lula-Village-Short-10289  Lula-Village-Short-10289
 Kaaw-Watts-Short-10112  Kaaw-Watts-Short-10112
 Java-Danai-Biker-Short-10090  Java-Danai-Biker-Short-10090
 menfis-mazzy-shorts-9341  menfis-mazzy-shorts-9341
 Thoughts-Danai-Biker-Short-8960  Thoughts-Danai-Biker-Short-8960
 Antiq-Sophie-Short-9039  Antiq-Sophie-Short-9039
 streetwear-aria-unisex-shorts-12032  streetwear-aria-unisex-shorts-12032

Discover our latest ready-to-wear pieces for women in the Summer and Resort collections—perfect shorts for the beach, day to day, or night look. Play with our silhouettes, styles, and prints, creating a unique AB look. Complement your look with our crop tops, bikini tops, and shirts. We are a Colombian brand that honors handmade ancestral techniques through exclusive pieces embroidered by Colombian artisans. Each print has hand-drawn illustrations placed perfectly on unique silhouettes made by our in-house artists. We work with our team and suppliers, respecting and promoting human rights. With our network of #ABhearts artisans, we have built traceability for our pieces. This method allows us to know where and how every piece was made. All AB pieces carry with pride the name of the artisan who embroidered them. #whomademyclothes